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      Dermal fillers

      Non–surgical face lift

      Dermal fillers are also great for enhancing and improving the aesthetics of areas of the face

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      The purpose of dermal fillers is to replenish volume in the depleted areas, aiming to revive a natural and rejuvenated appearance, resulting in a more youthful look.

      Whether you seek improvements in facial shape, contour, or volume, dermal fillers present an ideal solution.

      We utilize injectables to naturally and subtly enhance the nose, chin, cheeks, and lips.

      Dermal fillers belong to the category of injectables, with a wide variety of more than 300 types currently available.

      The majority of these fillers consist of biodegradable, non-animal hyaluronic acid-based implants.

      At our clinic, we exclusively utilize top-tier fillers like the Juvederm range. These fillers have a clear gel-like appearance, resembling the hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin, responsible for maintaining elasticity and hydration.

      Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring polysaccharide, has a long history of safe use in medical procedures and offers numerous benefits for the skin.


      The beauty of dermal fillers and non-surgical facelifts is that they are very versatile. Practitioners can use the injectables for a range of different cosmetic procedures with different natural results. Whether you want to rejuvenate your face, enhance your lips, or augment your nose, dermal fillers can be used to create undetectable results. These are just a few of the popular uses for dermal fillers and non-surgical facelifts

      Areas of application:

      • Lip Enhancement
      • Liquid face Lift
      • Minimising Lines And Wrinkles
      • Correction of nose, chin, augmentation of cheeks

      The treatment itself is very low risk in experienced hands as it involves just a small number of local injections and very minimal amounts of anaesthetic. Results of dermal fillers are not permanent, so there is no risk of being stuck with results you are not happy with.

      Short Recovery

      Cosmetic surgeries often have quite lengthy recovery times, as the body needs to recover from major surgery. This can dramatically affect day to day activities and life in general. Dermal fillers and non-surgical facelifts have little to no recovery time, and patients can be back to full health the same day.


      • Tear Trough Filler
      • Lips augmentation
      • Cheeks correction
      • Nasolabial folds

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